Content Strategy Framework

Unsure what type of content you need and how to package it up?

I’ve got you covered! My content strategy framework will: 

✔  Map your marketing goals to the most effective type of content   

✔  Identify impactful content themes based on buyer personas

✔  Provide a concrete roadmap that guides content creation and cadence 

No more publishing a random blog post here, an ill-conceived thought leadership paper there. With my content strategy framework, each piece of content you produce will be intentional, serving a larger purpose. Because content that gets results doesn’t happen by accident. 

How it works:

Phase 1: Discovery + Research

We jump on a call and I ask questions to ensure I’m crystal clear on what you need and the best next steps. I’ll also ask you to pass along any relevant resources.

Next, I put the investigative skills I honed in journalism school to work. 

As part of my research, I will:

✔  Interview a few key stakeholders (and potentially a few customers)

✔  Perform an audit of your current content and analyze your competitors’ content to identify gaps 

✔  Determine the type of content that will resonate with customers and prospects


Phase 2: Strategize

Summoning the cumulative knowledge of 20 years of experience, coupled with what I’ve gleaned in Phase 1, I’ll develop a customized, research-driven content strategy framework that has one overarching goal: getting you results.

Once complete, I’ll send you the content strategy framework and we’ll schedule a call to review it together.

Phase 3: Nip + Tuck

I present the content strategy framework to you and your team. After you provide feedback, I’ll make any tweaks needed and send the updated framework your way. We wrap up the project and give each other a (virtual) high five.

Your investment: $9,975

I need a laser-focused content strategy.

"Over the past six years, I have engaged Stacey to work on a variety of complex, sensitive copywriting and editing projects, including large-scale initiatives for financial services (both US and Canada), healthcare, and proprietary technology. More recently, our partnership has extended to large-scale strategy initiatives where Stacey has built successful brand building, brand launching, brand revamp, and thought-leader establishment content campaigns for multiple complex industries in the B2C and B2B space. She is an exceptional and versatile strategist, writer, and editor; a pleasure to partner with; and a truly talented professional who consistently delivers high-quality, specialized content."

Christiana Worth
Editorial Director, RR Donnelley Marketing Solutions